Key of Inocybe (Kaufholtz)


Famille : Inocybaceae

Genre : Inocybe

Auteur : Claude Kaufholtz-Couture

Derniere mise à jour : Feb 12, 2022

Commentaire :
Fungiquebec presents an interactive key dedicated to the microscopy of Inocybes. The latter has been developped according to the following sources:
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This key, of 226 species, is not a goal, but a means of support for everyone with their mycological and microscopic research; to help the amateurs to quickly circumscribe the subgenus, the sections and the sub-sections. I also want to thank Yves Lamoureux who allowed us to use his photos with the use of this key.
There will be updates following corrections or additions. If you see any typos, or potential additions, please email me at the following address :
Good research.
Claude Kaufholtz-Couture


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